Recognising excellence – The awards

The Waverley BIG Awards are open to organisations of all sizes as well as social enterprises. (Charitable organisations which do not ‘trade’ are not eligible to enter) The award categories and judging criteria have been designed to give start-ups the same chance of winning as their larger cousins.

The award titles are:

  • Four President’s BIG Awards 2018 (Cranleigh, Farnham, Godalming and Haslemere)
  • Waverley BIG Award for Community Partnership 2018
  • Waverley BIG Awards for Innovation 2018
  • Waverley BIG Award for Customer Delight 2018
  • Waverley BIG Award for Employees Engagement, Education & Empowerment 2018

You may enter more than one award, but only one Presidents award.

For each award, there will be three finalists. There will be a short videoed interview with each shortlisted finalist which will be shown during the Waverley BIG Awards Ceremony and which will be available for download after the event.

President’s BIG Awards 2018

Each Chamber of Commerce will present an award to an organisation from within their catchment area.  The judging criteria will be the same for all four Chambers. We are looking to reward and recognise a well-rounded organisation which strikes a balance between delighting customers, engaging and developing employees, innovation and social / community partnership. If your organisation can demonstrate how it successfully balances these four dimensions, then enter the  President’s BIG Awards 2018

Waverley BIG Award for Community Partnership 2018

We are looking for that organisation whose business ethic includes ‘giving back’ via the ‘Partnerships’ they have formed with the council and their community. If your Organisation and/ or your employees creates and/or supports council/community projects, we want to hear about it. We understand that you have not entered into these Partnerships for recognition, so let us do that for you. Please don’t be shy, share what you do with us to inspire others to do the same and the be the first to be awarded the Waverley BIG Award for Partnership 2018

Waverley BIG Awards for Innovation 2018

Innovation can come in lots of different guises. It could be a new product, a new service, a new process, technology or something we haven’t even thought of! This could be a start-up with a brand-new product or service (our own local Uber or Airbnb) or an established organisation that’s found an innovative way of working with their customers. If your organisation has been innovative in a way that you think deserves reward and recognition, then you too should enter the BIG Award for Innovation 2018.

Waverley BIG Awards for Customer Delight 2018

Do you have a reputation for ‘delighting your customers’? Is it the quality of your customer service, or the quality of the product/s you sell that delights your customers? Do you delight your customers in person or online – or both? If you ‘delight your customers’ in a way that you think deserves reward and recognition, then enter of the BIG Awards for Customer Delight 2018

Waverley BIG Award for Employee Engagement, Education & Empowerment 2018

According to Gallup global averages only 13% employees are engaged i.e. feel a connection to their workplace and want to go above and beyond to achieve success.  67% are disengaged i.e. physically at work but not enthusiastic or do bare minimum.  20% actively disengaged i.e. might be trying to undermine the company or hamper productivity it some way.

So, how do you engage, educate and empower your workforce? What steps do you take to ensure your workforce is working with you as well as for you? What educational opportunities (such as apprenticeships) does your organisation provide? And lastly, how do you empower your workforce to influence success and deliver the results your organisation needs? If you have nurtured your workforce through Engagement, Education and Empowerment in a way that you think deserves recognition, then enter for the BIG Awards for Employee Engagement, Education and Empowerment 2018

For a thriving local economy, we need our local businesses to be amongst the best. The BIG Awards will enable us to see who measures up, who stands out. I’m looking forward to the Awards Ceremony to celebrate with the best in Waverley

Eddie Paterson, Business Development Director, PAAC IT Ltd.


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